Word of the Week

June 16-22: Ebullient!

Example: Mark is ebullient.

June 23-29: Gonfalon.

Does our team need a gonfalon with our mascot on it?


June 30-July 6th: Euphausiid.

Is this a euphausiid stuck between my teeth?


July 7-July 13: Crotchety.

Alice's old ankles have got her feeling crotchety these days?


July 14-20th: Scintillating.

The conversations we have on runs range from scintillating to inane. 


July 21-July 26th: Smatchet.

 Do you ever feel that your XC coach is a smatchet?


July 27-Aug 2nd: Skirr.

Our team will undoubtedly skirr around the North Beach triangle.


Aug 3-Aug 9: Atraxia.

I am not currently experiencing atraxia.


Aug 10-Aug 16th: Callipygian.

A good deal of running could result in this...


Aug 17-Aug 23nd: Circuitous.

We are known for taking circuitous routes through Cappi's trails.


Aug 24-Aug 30th: Absquatulate.

Admittedly, sometimes runners absquatulate with apples from other peoples trees.


Aug 31-Sept 6th: Wingding.

After practice on Sept 1st there will be a wingding in honor of Mimi.


Sept 7th-Sept 13th: Cumulative.

The cumulative effect of intelligent training over time is generally good racing.


Sept 14-Sept 20th: Milquetoast.

We do not suffer from milquetoast individuals on the XC team.


Sept 21-Sept 27th: Nosegay.

At the end of the season I will give a nosegay to the team member who has been most supportive of teammates throughout the season.


Sept 28-Oct 5th: Prodigious.

On Oct 4th the Central Market in Mill Creek boasted prodigious cabbages.


Oct 6th-Oct 12th: Interstitial.

 There really is no such thing as interstitial tamales, despite what Jesus might think.


Oct 13th-Oct 19th: Maniacal.

In some of the photos from the last home meet, Mimi and Ari look rather maniacal. 


 July 27th-Aug 2nd: Forfex.

I think most of us are glad that Ari located the forfex to help us better access our "perfect frozen snacks" post run.


Aug 3rd-Aug 9th: Symphoric.

 It is an unfortunate fate to be symphoric in trail running as injury then becomes almost certain.

Sept 4th-Sept 10th: Hooligan.

Reece accurately identified a car full of hooligans on Friday's long run.

Sept 18th-24th: Coprastasophobia.

For the most part, runners do not have coprastasophobia, and there are some members of the team who currently are probably almost wishing that they did.

 Sept 25th-Oct 1st: Hemolysis.

How tired you all must be from hearing Ian and I go on and on about getting your ferritin tested due to hemolysis from foot strike. So get it tested already!

Oct 2nd-8th: ghastly.

So I just listened to D Rose by lil Pump and I thought it was ghastly.

October 16th-22nd: puce.

Along with the cerulean skies this time of year we see a lot of smaragdine and fulvous foliage; fortunately, puce, a color with a history involving violence, sexuality and fleas, is scarce.

October 23rd-29th: paramount.

For runners hoping to qualify for the State Championships, Saturday's Westside Classic is of paramount significance.

Oct 30th-Nov 5th: Ephebiphobia.

If I develop ephebiphobia on Thursday, my weekend will be ruined and my coaching career over.

July 9th-15th: Shimmy.

Steven and I witnessed Kincaid demonstrating an amusing shimmy in the track shed-- not to be confused with the shinny.

Sept 10th-16th: Cohesive.

I am pleased to report that this year's team may be the most cohesive I've had in my coaching experience!

Sept 17th-23rd: Impetuous.

In an impetuous move, the varsity boys, making copious engine revving noises, flanked both The Charles Wright Academy and Klahowya teams and ran away to victory.

Sept 24th-30th: Cloying.

Some people find Otter pops cloying, but a few of this year's freshmen have a voracious appetite for them.

Oct 1st-7th: Gallinipers.

Although we've had some unpleasant incidents with mosquitoes in Cappis, we can at least be glad that we've not had to contend with the Gallinipers that are elsewhere in the US.

Oct 15th-21st: Perilous.

Due to some rash behavior and the perilous vegetation at Fort Worden, any interaction (besides stomping on the grass) will be strictly prohibited during Monday's workout.

Oct 22nd-28th: Excoriated.

Although faring better after the Fort Worden workout this year, we did have one incidence of an excoriated leg due to some nasty blackberry brambles.

Oct 29th- Nov 4th: Snarfed.

This year has seen the highest consumption of otter pops by the team in my coaching history. Almost every day after practice they are snarfed down (mostly by freshmen).

Sept 23th-29th: Shambolic.

The shambolic state of the shed leaves much to be desired and is simply compounded by the excessive football gear and stationary bikes.

Sept 30th-Oct 6th: Nexus.

While running through the forest many of us have recently encountered a nexus of proteins left by some crafty arachnid.

Oct 7th-Oct 13th: Decimated.

If Max had run three seconds slower at Battle Point, he would have precisely decimated his PR.

Oct 14th-Oct 20th: Populous.

Many of you ran your most populous races to date at Hole in the Wall.

Oct 21st-Oct 27th: Sodden.

We were all rather sodden after volunteering at the RTP event at the LST on Saturday. 

Oct 28th-Nov 2nd: Toothsome.

I hope to provide the team with at least a few more toothsome treats before the season is over.

Nov 4th-Nov 9th: Euphoria.

There was general euphoria among the girls team after their qualification for the State Championships on Saturday.


AlejandroSunday, October 5 :: 11:53:00 pm      
those cabbages tho

Gabe PetrickWednesday, September 13 :: 1:58:59 am      

Gabe PetrickWednesday, September 13 :: 2:00:16 am      
What hooligans? Good job Reece!

Gabe PetrickSaturday, October 21 :: 12:56:28 am      

Gabe PetrickSaturday, October 21 :: 1:01:52 am      
Washington is pleasant with its ao leaved trees and axolotl pavement. Makes up for not having the fuchsia lights of Vegas and the capri skies of California.